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Beekeeping Equipments:

For providing our clients a chance of procuring everything they require in beekeeping field from one single source, we manufacture high quality Bee keeping equipment and tools. These include thin & thick beekeeping brushes, SS knives, SS & iron hive tools of L shaped & curved shaped, Food graded plastic made queen cage, queen gate, hive gate and other equipment that find application in varied honey collection processes. Our hot selling beekeeping equipments are as follows: Honey Extractor, Smoker, Queen Excluder, Pollen Trap, Propolis Strip, Royal Jelly production & extraction Kit, Queen rearing kit, Bee venom Collector etc.

Bee Hives

We also manufacture beehives specially made of Tun wood & Kail wood for Apis melefera and Apis Cerana Indica both.

1- Types of Bee Hives:
(a) Bee Hive with super & solo super
(b) Nucleus Bee hive
(c) Mating hive

2- Parts of Bee Hives:
(a) Bottom board
(b) Brood chamber
(c) Super chamber
(d) Frames
(e) Inner Cover
(f) Top Cover

3- Material used:
(a) Tun/ Kail woods only.
(b) Top cover sheet (G.I.)
(c) Frame Wire (G.I.)
(d) Paint Branded quality.

Stainless Steel Smoker

These hive smoking devices are precision designed to generate smoke from incomplete burning of various fuels where smokes help in calming bees and thus allow easy to inspect bee hives. It is manufactured using highest quality stainless steel or GI sheet and features a hook on front to hang on hive when not in use.

Bee Feeder

We are the one & only manufacturer of this product in India. It is made by food graded plastic. It Is used for collecting Bee propolis from the top of bee hive. Size of this strip varies according to size of top cover of bee hives.

Food graded plastic bee feeder is designed for Apis mellifera bee hives is available in different quality & rates. It is easy to use.

Bee Brush

Bee Brush offered by us are cleaning brushes that are very soft, pliable as well as extremely flexible so that these can be used to clean waxes from honey comb. We provide these in a plethora of sizes, colours as well as design options to choose from. Manufactured using high quality nylon/ horse hair, our expertise also lies in offering these in customized choices of handles in terms of sizes, material and colors.

Our core strengths lie in:


Providing these with soft and flexible bristles

Providing these with quality nylon or horse hair


Our complete range of beekeeping equipment also includes Stainless steel knives that forms an important part of the beekeeping equipment. It is used to scrape capping of sealed honeycombs to expose cells for extraction of honey. These Knives are made from qualitative material in our technologically advanced facility and are precision designed for convenience of users.

Queen Excluders

In beekeeping, the queen excluder is a selective barrier inside the beehive that allows worker bees but not the larger queens anddrones to traverse the barrier.The queen excluder is either a sheet of perforated metal or plastic or a wire grid in a frame. The openings are limited to 0.163 inches (4.1 mm).The intent of the queen excluder is to limit the queen's access to the honey supers. If the queen lays eggs in the honey supers and a brood develops it is difficult to harvest a clean honey product and it makes fall management more difficult.

We offer queen excleder of food graded plstic as well as still with wooden frme.



Pollen Trap

Precision designed pollen trap offered by us helps in the collection of pollen and is secured at the entrance of the bee hive. It includes four parts, namely white wooden frame for holding other three parts, black trap which restricts the bees to enter in beehive with excessive pollen, Plastic storage tray where pollen are stored & aluminum net which protect the collected pollens. Our pollen trap is specially for Apis Mellifera bee hives.



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