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Vision & Mission

(i) Vision of the society is to promote & develop Beekeeping in sustainable manner in India.

(ii) Objectives:

1.     To Promote all the village and cottage industries by various programmes, training. Exhibitions, farmer fairs and short meetings and to be helpful in the marketing of products by the group farmers.

2.     To promote the agricultural activities through its various programmes.

3.     To improve the environmental conditions by plantation.

4.     To train the farmers for bee-keeping and vermiculture for upgrading their socio-economics status.

5.     To train the poor Trodden women farmers for suitable job like tailoring, embroidery, cooking and fruit preservation.

6.     To promote various programmes for the development of, Indian arts and culture,


To help farmers & Beekeepers to adopt scientific beekeeping for their socio & economic development.
(i) Beekeeping society in practicing beekeeping for last more than 23 years. 4000 to 5000 Bee colonies with Super of Apis Malefera are maintained by the society & its member.
(ii) HRD Programs Society has been involved in imparting various HRD programs/ capacity building programs in the field of beekeeping for last more than 20 years. The following human resources development programs (HRD) are conducted by the Society. :



Ajay Kumar Saini (Chairman)
Beekeeping Training Institute
Nanouta Road Gangoh, Distt- Saharanpur (U.P.) 247341

Life Member - Society of National Bee Board
Ministry of Agriculture & co- operation government of India

Director - NARCO
A multi state co-operative society Nodia, INDIA