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Honey Bee Pollen/Pollen Granule

Bee Pollen is one of most powerful and natural foods that is delicious and tasty. This refers to the flower pollen that stores on the legs and bodies of worker bees..Bee pollen offers a treasure trove of unique plant nutrients and minerals.

The nutrients and vitamins found in Bee Pollen are 100% pure and premium quality. It also offers nutrients that are useful in maintaining and developing our health. In the other hands, bee pollen, as a food source a supplement, that offers low volume, but high intensity, nutrition and vitamins. It helps in Athletic performance to everyone.

The nutritional make up of bee pollen is definitely wide spectrum. The broad variety of nutrients found in Bee pollen include polyphones, fatty acids, enzymes, free amino acids, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, as well as a wide range of python nutrients that have yet to be recognized. This nutritional and minerals diversity makes Bee pollen a perfect dietary supplement and boost to a well-rounded diet for human being.

Bee Wax

We supply high grade Bees Wax to clients that is highly resistant to hydrolysis and organic oxidization. Supported by a team of highly qualified technicians, who develop Pure Bees Wax that is fully insoluble in water. Our offered natural Bees wax contains saturated hydrocarbons, pigments, acids or hydroxyl-acids, alcohols etc. This Bees wax is broadly used for manufacturing fine candles, cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals etc. These products are quality tested by our professional team and quality controllers and ensured that these are in compliance to the industry standards before final delivery to clients.

Bone wax (cosmetics & pharmaceuticals account for 60% of total consumption)

Polishing materials (particularly shoe polish and furniture polish)

As a part of modeling waxes

Can be used during assembly of pool tables to fill screw holes and seams between slates

Squeezebox makers use beeswax as a cohesive which is mixed with pine rosin to connect reed plates to structure inside a squeeze box

Wax sheet

Comb Foundation Sheet (Wax Sheet) (C.F.S.)
C.F.S. are made of pure bee wax through automatic machines for Apis Melefera Bees.



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